A Lovely {free} Scripture Card Set for You

Photo:  Allison McGinley   

Photo: Allison McGinley  

Oh, friends! We are so close to beginning our study together on Tuesday, February 13. All the pieces are in place:

The site is loaded with beautiful images and lots of questions to think about together. 

We have provided you lots of resources for children, so we have things to talk about together, and they have something to work on while Mama is writing in her journal.

Have you uploaded our wallpaper to your phone? It's a beautiful way to remember our Lord's love every single time you touch your phone (so, pretty often during the day, right?). 

The group guides are ready and waiting; recipes have been tested and invitations offered (Yes? Maybe? Go ahead; send the texts and make the calls.)


And now, you can print some of these special printed prayer cards. If you're already a newsletter subscriber, look for the note I sent you yesterday for the link. If you're not a subscriber, let's fix that now! Scroll down to the bottom of this page, type in your email address and click "Pretty Joy Here."