Where two or more are gathered...


The journals are written for you to use in your personal time--just you and Jesus. Pour out your heart to Him and hear His heart for you. 

If, after that time, you find the words wanting to spill over, gather a few friends, or even just one girlfriend, and talk it all out.

We've created a free group study guide for you. There are conversation starter questions and recipes to make your gathering more fun.


Better Together is the perfect study for groups! Here is a guide to get you going.

Gather a group to walk with St. Matthew and Jesus during Lent. The group guide for Hosanna is here. (Please note: this has been updated with a correction. So sorry for the inconvenience.)

For groups studying Call Me Blessed, download a group guide for lively conversations here.

For groups studying Rooted in Hope, download a group guide that includes some recipes for Christmas favorites here. 

Gather a group for Flourish. There’s a group guide here, and there are some recipes in the journal.

For True Friend, you can download a free group guide packed with conversation starter questions and fabulous recipes right here

For Ponder, You can download your free group study guide right here. Tell your friends!

We'd love to help you Study Above All in a group this Lent. For tips and questions and soup recipes, download our guide here.  

For groups studying Stories of Grace, download your beautiful (and totally free) group guide here. We can't wait to hear all about your group!

For groups studying Consider the Lilies, download your beautiful (and totally free) group guide here.