Lent Begins Tomorrow

We are poised here at the beginning of a long, slow season that commences in February’s cold and dark and makes its way to the bright, newness of the spring. Lent is a gift of the liturgical year. As the cross is smudged on our foreheads, we are reminded that a loving God breathed life into us from dust. And we are reminded that we will return one day to the dust. How many Lents do we get to live in the interim? How many seasons to repent and return?

Let’s let Him redeem all the days of this one Lent we live right now. Let’s come with humility to the home of the Forgiving Father. Let’s run to His refuge and rest in His embrace.  

We are honored and grateful to have you here. 

Let’s do Lent together. 



Introduce yourself below, friends! We’d love to get to know you better. Have you done a Scripture study before? What are your hopes or fears as we commit to spending time with God in His Word each day? We’ll see you back here tomorrow, and until then, know we’re praying for you.

Elizabeth Foss2 Comments