Every Time You Touch Your Phone...

Photo:  Allison McGinley   

Photo: Allison McGinley  

We are working hard behind the scenes here to bring you all kinds of goodies to support your Lenten study of Above All. Look for some beautiful free printables, and a group guide, and some resources for children later this week and early next week. Today, we want to offer a gift you will enjoy every day, many times a day.

As we have taken up our journals and read with you in the last year, one thing that we have seen and love is the way the same verses and the same words meet each of us differently. His word is teaching, rebuking, comforting and consoling all of us! The Holy Spirit is at work! 

We want to remind you every day how dearly loved you are by our Lord. Rakhi McCormick, who has created the beautiful calligraphy in Above All, our Lenten journal, designed this lockscreen for your phone. We hope it blesses you several times a day, every day during Lent.

Download the image from us and then upload it to your phone. 

Our prayer is that every time you touch your phone, you will feel Jesus' touch on your heart and soul.