Children's Lenten Resources


Many of you have asked whether there will be a children's journal to accompany Above All. While there won't be a whole journal for children this time, we think the resources included below will help you if you wish to include the children in your Scripture study.

You can use your copy of Above All or check the blog each day for Scripture verses to look up with your children in their Bibles, then use these printable Lectio Divina prompts to dive in to Scripture and either journal or discuss thoughts.

Download the Lectio Divina pages for younger children here.

Download the Lectio Divina pages for big kids here. 

Here is a basket full of books to help you use the power of a story to explore the greater themes surrounding Lent and Easter.

Praying the Stations of the Cross as a family (or inviting other families to pray it with you on Fridays and enjoy a soup night together) is a wonderful devotion - you can find printable booklets and coloring pages here.


For kids who like activity pages:


Printable for Ash Wednesday (or any day early in Lent)


Ash Wednesday coloring page


Word searches, crosswords, and games


A calendar to mark off days


The Last Supper coloring page


Good Friday coloring pages

We love digging into the Word with our children beside us and we hope these tools help you to do that with your children this Lent. 

(And don't worry! We've heard you. Look for more children's resources for our journal in May.)