Stories of Grace, Revisited


Many of you have asked for recommendations for study after Above All concludes on Easter. It's hard to imagine your days without that little bit of daily Lectio Divina to which you've become accustomed! While our newest study on the rosary, Ponder, won't begin until after Mother's Day, we've got a little something for you in the interim.


You may have participated in our Stories of Grace study in the fall. If so, you'll be able to look at it with fresh eyes as we read through it and focus on one parable from the study each week. If it's new to you, we think you'll really enjoy reading it for the first time with us in community! We'll share a Lectio Divina page for you to use to aid in your study, since Stories of Grace doesn't include that aspect of prayer.

Download the Printable Lectio Divina Page right here.


We have a couple revised children's versions ready for you to download if you have little ones you'd like to work through the study with. These are much improved over our fall edition, so if you've downloaded previously, start fresh with these. The eagerness of your children might be a good way to keep yourself on track!

 We have lovely printables to decorate your prayer space. We have a group guide if you can gather two or more to pray and to ponder. All for free!


So take a break after Easter, then start up with us again the following Monday, April 9. We'll work through Stories of Grace for a month, digging a little deeper into one parable in particular each week, and we'll have some Live videos on Instagram and Facebook with different authors, as well. We're blessed that so many of you have found this community, and look forward to continuing to deepen our love of the Word together!