Find the PDF version of Ponder for Kids right here. 


For Rooted in Hope Children's Journals, click here. (Please note that these . journals correlate with the 2017 version of Rooted in Hope. There’s lots of good stuff here, but it is dated. Also, there’s a typo in the big kids’ book that means you have to use three Es in a word in one of the puzzles. So sorry! )


We are so pleased to offer you this labor of love! When you study Stories of Grace this autumn, invite your children to come alongside you. There are two versions of our children's study. In both versions, you will find the same scripture for each day of the women's version. Then, there are some wondering questions for you and your child to ponder together. Later, while you're journaling, children of all ages have room to write their hearts, too. In the primary version, the questions are simpler and the lines are larger. In the big kids' version, upper elementary children have a chance to do some pretty detailed lectio divina, appropriate for the age.  together, you can memorize the same verses and your children will have the same beautiful calligraphy pages to inspire their Scripture memory work as you do. And, there are puzzles you can all work on together (or your whiz kid can solve before you do;-). 

We love knowing that this book and these children's journals will find their way into your home this fall and we can all listen closely to the stories Jesus told and hear Him with our hearts. 

You can download both versions here, as our gift to your family. 

Here is the version for children approximately 5-8 years old. 

Here is the version for children approximately 8-13 years old.