Rooted in Hope for Kids!


I can't be more excited about these Rooted in Hope Children's Journals. Truly, I'm over-the-top thrilled. I loved writing them. Loved it. SO much. 

Here, you'll find the same heroes of the faith that are in the adult version, only the stories are more complete. (You might even consider printing one for yourself as an addendum to your journal.) Then, there are "I wonder" questions to inspire great conversations with your children and to help all of you with your journaling.

There are lectio divina pages designed with children in mind, more complex for the older kids, a little simpler for the younger. 

We introduce the Saint Andrew Christmas prayer and we give your children beads to color as they pray.

Puzzles for the younger crowd are simpler and include Word Banks. Older children have more complex puzzles.

Every Sunday, children will have Mass Response sheets to take with them to church or to complete following Mass.

***Please note that these journals correlate with the 2017 version of Rooted in Hope. There’s lots of good stuff here, but it is dated. Also, there’s a typo in the big kids’ book that means you have to use three Es in a word in one of the puzzles. So sorry!**

You can preview both versions below and choose the one that works for your child.

Rooted in Hope Primary Version is available to download here. 

*You have our permission to take these files to a copy store and have them printed and bound.