Better Together!


Please let us tell you about our new studyBetter Together?  The book is available here at a discount and also available here at Amazon if you prefer

The study is all about HOSPITALITY + COMMUNITY.

Women are created to live in community. So often though, we think we don’t have community. Or we think that we don’t need community. Or we think that the community we know and love is all he wants for us. But God actually has a lot to say about women gathering together in friendship, and it will take us a lifetime to live out his vision for us.


A daily Scripture study with room to journal and a plethora of helpful tips and tools, this beautifully designed book explores God’s plan for his people together. There are inspiring reflections on the many facets of authentic Christian community, opportunities to apply lessons to your own life, and tangible tools for extending gracious hospitality that opens the door to meaningful relationships. This is a journal that asks you to thoughtfully consider your own world and to see how he might be calling you to be his hands and feet in it. It is an invitation to live a life of abundance that is better for being together.

This book and this season beg to be considered in the circle of friends. Gather a group! We’ve got a great FREE guide to get you started. Download it here.


If you want some online friends to study along with, we'll begin at and on Instagram and on Facebook on June 23. (So, plenty of time to let last month’s May crazies fade into memory, and take up and read something just for you.) 

Want to see more of the gorgeous inside? Visit The Word Among Us and use the See More feature. 

This is the perfect summer to be Better Together!