One word.

It brings back floods of memories. There are seven or eight children in the back of a giant van singing along with the Donut Man.

“Here comes Jesus riding on a donkey! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna to the King!”

We are gathered around wooden figures and wide ribbons of felt stretched across the dining room table. It is Palm Sunday and we are re-enacting the gospel for Mass that day. Exuberant children shout “Hosanna!” as Jesus is pushed along on His pine donkey.

Shouts of joy. Forever Hosanna will be the anthem of our catechesis.

I hope my children think so, too. I hope the song reverberates in their memories forever.

This book is very special.

A journey with Saint Matthew through the first gospel, it is at once a guidebook and an accounting of the trip. This Lent, come with us as we walk alongside Jesus with His closest friends and we see up close what He wants for us, and what He offers us with His life.


Hosanna is a Lenten devotional journal that is a deep and wide study of the Gospel of Matthew. The team at Take Up and Read delivers another gorgeous book that includes

  • Nearly seven full weeks of Scripture—from Ash Wednesday through Easter Monday

  • Devotional essays written by gifted authors from all walks of life

  • Beautiful room to journal. Each weekday, readers will find a simple prompt for journaling tuned to the heart of the ancient prayer form of Lectio Divina.

  • Weekends are reserved with illustrated spaces for rest and for hiding His word in the hearts of those who love Him.

  • 7X10, beautifully bound with a soft matte cover—200 pages

    Hosanna is designed to help you reflect on all aspects of your life in light of Jesus' call to live for the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s at once gentle and challenging--a journey with one of Jesus' closest followers that will bring you into the presence of our Lord, from His birth to His resurrection.

    Please join us for a holy, beautiful Lent and a joyful celebration of the resurrection.