Day Two


Take Up & Read:

Luke 1:46-55

Luke 2:19, 51

Acts 1:13-15

Encourage One Another:

Do you wish you could turn to the “back of the book” and see how the troubles in your life are going to turn out? Are there any particular circumstances where the plot twists are bewildering and you don’t see how this story can possibly end well? Take that trouble to God in prayer today, even if it’s the prayer of, “God, I can’t do anything about this—I’m totally out of my depth. Please, please, take my hand and guide me through this story, because You are the only one who knows the ending. Pry my fingers off the steering wheel and give me peace in this impossible place.”

How can you implement this trusting, living faith of Mary’s in your own life today? What are some areas of your life that you’re holding onto tightly that need to be released to God’s providence?