Some mugs for now (or to tuck away for Christmas)


Do you need some incentive to take a few minutes for yourself every morning--some time to sit and focus on what is really important before you get swept up in the cares of the day? 

It's a time-proven trick of the trade: fix yourself something hot to drink in the morning before you settle in with your Bible and then hold it in your hand to help you stay awake. One thing we really love about these mugs is that they seem like such a gift to ourselves. Your hands will wrap perfectly around our 12 oz. hand-crafted pottery mugs. You'll look forward to your time with your mug and your bible.

And the colors? Such lovely, simple beauty!

While every mug is imbued with the same standard of excellence, each one is also individually created by hand so that no two are exactly alike. Slight variations in color are a part of their charm. All of these hand-thrown mugs have unparalleled quality and stunning colors.

Dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave safe. Made in Minnesota, USA.


You can see our limited summer selection here. (Psst: since our "shipping department" is leaving for college shortly, we can't promise there will be any more mugs for sale this year before Christmas.)

We currently ship to the U.S. only.

Please allow 2 weeks shipping time.

Elizabeth FossComment