Phone a Friend!

Download the image to use as your screensaver:-)

Download the image to use as your screensaver:-)

Hello, friends!

Can you believe it's nearly August? One thing I really wanted to work on this summer is the screen habits of everyone in my family (me included). I wanted to be sure we spent our summer looking each other in the eyes and not being distracted by the glow of handheld devices. 

I've had mixed success. Some days, we nail it and we're all better for the break from the screens. Some days, there's way too much thumb action and way too little interaction. 

Here, as we look forward to August, I'm going to refresh our efforts and try a little more intensely to form some good habits in myself before the school year starts. Our True Friend study starts next week on Sunday, July 29. We are going to dedicate ourselves to being better friends to one another and to our neighbors. That little handheld device? It's not the enemy. It's a tool we can use for the good. So, as summer starts to fade and our study kicks into gear, let's make a friend of our phones and let's let our phones connect us in meaningful ways. 

Here's a screensaver to remind you every time you hit the home button that your smart phone can reach the hearts of the people you love if you project your voice into it with intention. I sure hope our pretty image blesses you.