Ponder for Kids!


This book is awesome!

We are so excited to have it ready for you.

Created especially for children, this study journal contains Bible stories for every mystery of the rosary. It's full of interesting things to do:

  • The journal is bursting with discussion questions.
  • There are personal prayer prompts on lectio divina pages.
  • Puzzles to solve make learning content fun.
  •  Coloring pages brigthen the journal and lend themselves to treasured keepsakes.
  • Unfinished cartoons let burgeoning artists create their own bible illustrations.

And there are also nature study pages to use to create a botanical rosary. We've provided some helpful resources for that endeavor here, and Katrina Harrington's illustration will have kids inspired to draw.


Designed for children from 8-13, younger children will enjoy it, too, especially with help from older siblings or parents.