The Light is On


We're more than halfway through Lent, and we've been doing some really hard work. To closely examine our consciences day after day can be discouraging. Just remember, every time you bump up against your sins, you can say, "But God..." And the whole story changes. There is an initiative around the country called "The Light is On for You." It's an effort to make confession times more available during Lent. Google and see if it's in your diocese. It's an easy way to find lots of options. Even if it's not, find a parish and a confession time. Go unburden yourself. You don't have to carry the weight throughout the season!

Every "Repent" question in the book has been gathered into an Examination of Conscience at the end of the book. Our hope was that you would copy it and use it again and again in Confession. We've gone a step further here. Kristin made it pretty and we've turned it into a PDF you can print and use to make yourself notes and use as your cheat sheet. It's our way of encouraging you to just go get rid of all of it.

Download Printable Examination of Conscience Here