A Merry Little Something


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet, friends? It’s a wonderful feeling when you find the perfect gift that’s unique, useful, and above all, meaningful, but it’s not always easy to do!

That’s why here at Take Up & Read we’re so grateful to have seven unique Scripture study journals to offer you, each of which would make a lovely gift for someone on your list. And we've put together a gift list with a brief description of each book and a suggestion of who it might be perfect for to help you out during this busy time of year. So take a break from your holiday preparations and read on—wouldn’t it be wonderful to get your shopping done before Advent begins?


 Call Me Blessed

We are so excited for our newest book, which explores the lives of 19 different women in the Bible! This book follows our traditional format of Scripture passages and reflections, with space to journal, while also weaving quotes from Pope Saint John Paul II’s encyclical, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women, into each day’s meditation. Together, these aspects create a powerful study on the genius of femininity, God's beautiful design for women.

Because the women studied within  Call Me Blessed are so varied and diverse, this book would be a wonderful gift for just about any woman on your list! The stories of these Biblical women include relatable struggles, such as infertility, sin, and widowhood, and there are many well-known figures, like Esther and Ruth. But this study also delves into the stories of some lesser known Biblical women, bringing new inspiration and insight to the reader. 

 If you pre-order a copy of  Call Me Blessed, it’ll ship out to you by December 3rd, and you’ll have a special gift all ready for any of the amazing women in your life!


Rooted in Hope

Consider giving our Advent & Christmas study, Rooted in Hope, as an early Christmas present to someone on your list! With the newly revised version of this bestseller, she'll receive a gorgeously designed book full of Scriptural richness and thoughtful reflections all aimed at helping her focus on Jesus amidst all the hustle and bustle of the season. (And what better gift could you give than a little sanity and the reminder to focus on Christ?) Rooted in Hope is a 33-day Advent and Christmas study that extends from November 30th to January 1st, and each day explores the story of a different prominent biblical figure. This thoughtfully designed book includes Lectio Divina and space to organize these busy days, as well as room to journal. And with its hand-drawn illustrations and gorgeous calligraphy, this handy companion for the Advent and Christmas seasons is sure to become a treasured keepsake for any woman. Because this study echoes and expands upon the popular Advent tradition of a Jesse tree, pairing this with a Jesse tree kit would also be fun. There’s even a free children’s companion you could include for the women in your life who are mothers or teachers, too!


True Friend

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a dear friend this Christmas? Giving her the gift of our Scripture study on friendship, True Friend, would be a sweet way to thank her for her friendship, all while allowing her to delve deeper into a subject central to every woman's life. Beginning with an exploration of our friendship with Jesus, True Friend uses Scripture and essays to further consider the challenges and triumphs of happy, holy friendship, as well as encouraging the reader to reflect on the blessings that come with friendship and make active plans to further friendships, too. This beautiful book would also make a wonderful gift for your daughter, niece, or any other young woman in your life!



It’s a tumultuous time in our world, our Church, and in many of our homes. And the holidays can be a tumultuous time in a woman’s life, with all of the additional responsibilities and expectations. For anyone struggling to find clarity and peace amidst all that overwhelms, Flourish is the perfect gift. This study follows St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, and while his words were written for the early Church, they are incredibly relevant to all of us today. How do we flourish within God’s love? How do we overcome sin, guilt, and loss, and find our way to true freedom? How do we face a world so broken, and still find hope in Jesus Christ? This book explores all of those questions, leading the reader to a greater understanding not only of the book of Romans, but of our world and of herself. Give your mother, sister, friend, or co-worker a thoughtful gift that will have a lasting impact on her heart.


Consider the Lilies

Is there someone on your list who’s had a particularly difficult year? This is the book for her. Consider the Lilies is a thoughtful exploration of God’s love and consolation in the hard times. For a woman whose heart is heavy, this book’s simpler format (including Scripture passages, reflections, and journaling space, but no guided Lectio Divina), provides an especially manageable way to delve into God’s love letter to us all. Pair this gift with a mug and a pack of comforting tea and encourage your loved one to turn to God—her true consolation—and to be kind to herself in the hard times.



 Looking for a special gift for your mom? Ponder, the study of Mary, our Mother, would be a sweet choice! By integrating Bible study, guided Lectio Divina, journaling, and thoughtful daily action prompts, Ponder will help any woman grow in her appreciation and understanding of this beautiful traditional devotion of the rosary, all while deepening her love for Jesus in the gospel. Plus, this book is just absolutely gorgeous, and any lover of beauty will appreciate the elegant calligraphy and intricate floral illustration. Pair this journal with a rosary, and you have an even more meaningful gift set! For a mom or teacher, consider adding our children’s companion book, allowing her to study with the children in her life.


Stories of Grace

 Our study of the parables, Stories of Grace, is an exploration of God’s careful instructions on how to live in the Kingdom. And the stories contained within this book are so incredibly rich that each and every one of us can learn from them, even if we’ve heard them many times before. Do you have a writer on your list? Or someone who loves a good story? If so, Stories of Grace would be an especially wonderful gift, giving them the chance to re-visit stories they’re familiar with and see them in a new light, and dig into Biblical stories they may not know as well. This study also has two free children’s companions (one for younger children and one for older children), making it another wonderful tool for a mother or teacher! Plus, there are so many options from the parables if you choose to pair this book with something else to make a gift set, like some fun pearl jewelry for the parable of the pearl or a bottle of wine for the parable of the vine! 


Above All

Many readers have shared that they’ve experienced a deepening of their relationship with God through the use of this reflective and motivating book, and it would make an especially meaningful gift for any woman who is either at a cross-roads in her life or who feels stuck. Above All is filled with tools meant to guide the reader into self-reflection, so that she can discover the areas of her life that need greater care and tending. And upon that discovery, she can learn to become who God has created her to be, setting the world ablaze! (Maybe even pair this book with a lovely print featuring the message of Saint Catherine of Siena: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!”) Give this incredible tool as a gift this Christmas, and the recipient can either dive right in or save it for Lent, when we’ll be working through it as a community online.


of Grace: (Tolle Lege Notebook Series)

Still stuck with someone on your list? Not sure which book to choose? Or are you looking for a gift for someone who has done several of our studies?  Then consider giving one of our Tolle Lege notebooks instead! Beautiful and practical, these open-ended notebooks guide the user through the treasured Lectio Divina prayer method of studying Scripture. But no Scripture or essays are printed in these books, meaning they can be used with any Bible reading plan (including one from Take Up & Read online!)  Each book is undated and gives ample space to dig deep into the Word for 28 days, including room to copy favorite passages, so that the user can ponder their meaning and carry the message they contain into her plans for the day. There’s even space to reflect and reconcile before rest at the end of the day. These notebook are incredibly practical and simply beautiful, and sure to be a favorite tool for personal time with Scripture to whomever you give one to. And for a truly special gift, you could even give a Bible along with one of these lovely notebooks, too!

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