The Octave of Christmas for Our Loyal Friends


Last year, after Christmas, we noticed an astonishing trend. Over two thousand people bought Rooted in Hope long after Advent 2017 had passed.

You loved this little Advent devotional, and you wanted to have one for this year!

What if…

What if we re-designed it so that you could do it year after year, and it wasn’t tied to any one cycle of liturgical readings?

You said you were sad to see it end.

What if…

What if we continued it through the Christmas season, still studying the (mostly) men who were heroes of the faith?

And what if, after that book was finished, we also studied women of the Bible?

What if, indeed.

We did that. All of that. We have a beautiful new Advent book that isn’t tied to the liturgical cycle, and continues through the Octave of Christmas. And, because we are ever so grateful to those of you who bought last year’s book after Christmas, we have provided those extra devotional pages for you here: a 75-page addendum to the 2017 version of Rooted in Hope (the pink cover), so that you can keep studying right along with the women who are using the 2018 version. You can purchase that download here.

And then, when Christmas is over, and you are yearning for more, eager to keep your daily habit of being in the Word of God, we have this beautiful new book, Call Me Blessed, the study of 19 women in the Bible.

Keep dreaming with us, friends!

Your what ifs take us beautiful places together.