Yesterday, just after I left visiting my father for breakfast and as I was going to help my son Patrick move into a new apartment, I called Ginny. We were talking about flower pictures, as we often do these days. She mentioned in passing that "the book" was available on Amazon. 

Who knew?

Not me.

We've been working 'round the clock on all things Lilies here at Take Up & Read for quite some time now. But the book on Amazon caught us all by surprise. It's a little like having a due date circled on the calendar for months and then finding yourself holding a newborn before you've gotten the baby clothes washed. 

So here are some things I was planning to tell you before the launch of the book:

The book is personal and introspective and perfect for quiet contemplation with God. It's designed to be used by you alone in conversation with the Word. But it also digs deep into some things that equip women to be good friends. It gives the reader insight into the hard times in someone else's life, and then gives her the words to speak into those times. So, it's a solitary book that opens into community. 

To that end, we've created community here for it. Beginning July 10, we'll check in here every day to chat. A gifted photographer as well as a Lilies writer, Ginny has gathered those most amazing bouquet of flowers for us, and a young lady who shares my last name has has prepared an image to share to go with every single post. Then we have some conversation starters in case you come away from your personal time wanting to bounce things off someone else here online. You can subscribe to those daily emails right here and when you do, you'll find a link to some beautiful printables suitable for framing and the end of the emails.


But maybe you want to gather a group in real life. We've thought of that, too. You can have a free group guide that was created to go along with the Consider the Lilies journal. In it, you'll find some tips for gathering a group, some recipes to feed your friends, and some questions to get the conversation going. The guide is free for the taking.  You can flip through the guide here right now and you can find a link to download it. 

I do wish I could share a real live picture of the book, though. Some of you will get it before I do, I think. When you do, will you share a picture, please? And will you tell a friend we're here? We've done everything we could to create a place for you; we do need you to share the news. 

Thanks so much for being here, and thanks for making our very unexpected Monday launch pretty amazingly wonderful.