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In Your Bible:

Psalm 56:1-4

John 17:11-19

John 15: 7-11

John 16:1-4

Encourage One Another:

As we begin to study the Consider the Lilies journal and we begin to gather as a community here in this space, we beg your prayers for one another. We're also asking earnestly for you to offer yourself here. Let's make this place a place that inspires in one another a love for seeking Him in the Word.

Remember, the questions discussion prompts here every day can also be used in your real life spaces--coffee shops, living rooms, playgrounds--to gather with women and look them in the eye and build relationships that have a common language of Scripture. So don't be shy about asking a friend to join you!

What is keeping you from making a daily habit of digging into God’s Word? How can we help?

If you’re a veteran of daily time alone with Scripture, please share all your best ideas for helping us develop this devotion to God in His Word everyday.