Take Up and Read:

Jonah 4: 6-11

Read the whole Book of Jonah (It's not that long!)

Encourage One Another:

Jonah did not expect to be called to venture to Ninevah--a land of people he did not like-- in order to bring God's message. He didn't understand how God's grace and mercy work. He thought God reserved grace and mercy to the insiders, to the people who deserve it, to people who were just like him. I wonder though. If you were to ask someone in Ninevah, would they have thought that Jonah was deserving of mercy? Are any of us really deserving? 

There is someone you would rather avoid this holiday season, someone whose presence brings you grief and not joy. Consider ways to bring the good news of God's mercy to that person. 

*Please pardon the mistake in the first paragraph of today's essay. Jonah was from Israel. Not sure why I typed "Assyrian." I apologize for any confusion this caused. --Elizabeth