Take Up & Read:

Mark 1:1-8

2 Peter 3:8-14

Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11

Encourage One Another:

Sundays are special in the study books. You'll find some weekly planning sheets on Sundays as well as the daily sheets. These pages are designed to help you see the big picture for the week. The lefthand page holds a place for you to sketch in appointments and events happening in your world. On the right, there is space to record the memory verse from yesterday so that you can begin to memorize it. We've also left some room for the to-dos for the week. What gifts need some attention and what kind of party prep might need addressing? Be sure to keep a list of prayer intentions as well.

These pages are meant to be as open-ended as possible so that you can use them as you like. Please remember that there is no perfect way to use these…they are meant to be a tool and not an added stress! Use what helps bring more peace to you life, and only that.
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