Take Up & Read:

LUKE 2:4-7

PSALM 46:10


Encourage One Another:

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here today, and that we have a chance to get settled in before the official beginning of Advent. I love the Feast of Saint Andrew. For many years, the Saint Andrew Christmas prayer has been my favorite Advent tradition. Its words put me beside the manger and keep me firmly rooted in the humble stable filled with glorious light. 

As I watch the pages of my planner fill with "command performances"--places I have to be and people I have to see--and I see my margins grow smaller, I am filled with not a little trepidation. What I want most from this season is to grow more peaceful and to become more aware of both the humility and the light of the stable. It's not going to happen in the rush-about moments. It's not all that likely to happen in the crowds, either. 

The peace will come in the quiet. 

How can we carve out quiet and commit to encountering Christ every day?