Meet the Core Team at Take Up & Read

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Elizabeth Foss

Founder and Chief Content Director

Elizabeth is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s also the Founder and Chief Content Director of Take Up & Read. She’s happy curled up with a good book or tinkering with a turn of phrase. Long walks make her heart sing and occasionally cause her to break into a run. Though she travels frequently, it’s usually only between northern Virginia and her beloved Charlottesville, her grandchildren in Connecticut, or the weekend’s dictated soccer or dance destination.


Kristin Foss

Art Director

Kristin, our Art Director, is a self-taught artist, plant-person, thrifter, minimalist-wannabe, and ENFP (who appreciates intimate gatherings). She likes an Americano with a splash of maple syrup and almond milk, a good street taco, and Korean bbq, but most nights she’s home sharing a simple homemade dinner with her family. She gravitates towards bright, vibrant pigments, and everything feminine and joyful. She believes home is a priceless place and there are no rules to your heart’s idea of aesthetic and beauty.

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Micaela Darr

Social Media Manager

Micaela is a wife, mother, and a homeschooling mama. In addition to being a contributing author for Take Up & Read, she is the social media manager. Micaela is one of the co-founders of the Fiat Conference, an annual gathering of Catholic women in Southern California. She has a strong devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, the Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph. You can find much of her past writing at her now defunct blog, California to Korea.