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In Stories of Grace, you will find thirty-one days of Jesus' stories carefully collected for you. Along the way, we've provided meditation essays, journaling prompts, space for your notes and drawings, beautiful calligraphy pages, and prayers we will pray with you.

Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear Our Lord's stories of grace? Jesus chose to share the greatest truths of the faith in parables, mysteries that He revealed to those who came close enough to understand. His parables were careful stories, ones that would reveal the truth to believers and keep it hidden from unbelievers. No one was excluded against his will. Jesus invited people to ask Him to explain. Every person in earshot was given a chance to deepen her or her understanding: “Then pay attention to how you listen; for to those who have, more will be given; and from those who do not have, even what they seem to have will be taken away.”(Luke 8: 18)  The disciples did ask for further explanation and Jesus assured them that they were blessed for it. And those who did ask were separated from those who did not. So, draw close, listen hard to what He’s saying, and ask earnestly for ears to hear and soft heart to receive.



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Consider the Lilies  is a 7X10 softbound, matte cover Scripture study journal that is thoughtfully written and beautifully designed. Every day of this six week study provides Scripture to get you started and notes for further Bible reading. You will find a daily devotion, some thoughts to consider as journal, and a prayer prompt to dovetail with your reading. There are generous pages for writing and art journaling. Step by step, day by day, these words console and bring clarity to the hard days.

Maybe this is a difficult season in your life—you’re overwhelmed by the burdens weighing you down, the crosses the He’s asked you to carry.  You look heavenward and all you feel is… abandoned. 

This study is for you. 

It is full of the consolations of the Holy Spirit. Here, you will find a guidebook to what God is saying, how He is encouraging you to lament, to pour out your grief and your fears and your anger. This journal acknowledges that in this broken, fallen world we do suffer.

Or maybe you’re in a sweet spot. Life is really rather good right now. You’re not feeling any particular strain. 

This study is for you, too. 

In it, you find the words you need to console a friend, to empathize with the people around you who are suffering. I promise you, they are suffering. You are daily surrounded by people who bow low under the weight of grief, often without any outward sign of dismay. This study makes you a better friend to woman next to you, to the growing child who aches, to the spouse who despairs. And it buries words into your heart so that they are there, waiting, when the rain begins to fall. Because it will fall.

This study is for all of us. We’re all in it together.