Monthly Take Up & Read Membership

Monthly Take Up & Read Membership

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When you subscribe to be a member at Take Up & Read, you will receive original monthly content sent directly to your inbox, unlock access to all of our past subscription content, join our exclusive facebook group for members only, and much much more!

Membership features:

- Our weekly Scripture study plan with reflection essays
- Our monthly digital magazine on liturgical living + more
- Access to the exclusive Facebook group for members only, including monthly Facebook live session
- Tools to help you grow in your Scripture Study 
- Full access to previous content archived for members only

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We create beautiful, intentionally themed and seasonal Scripture studies, tools, and resources for all women to keep God’s wisdom close to their hearts in their everyday lives. We have gathered here to share with you our enthusiasm for God’s Word and to be encouraged by your insights as you read. We want to hear your hearts, share your burdens, celebrate your joys, and pray the Scripture with you.

We invite you to grow and learn with us, as we intentionally pause each day and allow God’s grace to overfill our hearts.

What’s included in your digital subscription:

Grace Notes | In your inbox on the first Sunday of each month
Once a week, members will receive our “Grace Notes,” a scripture study and reflection to help you center your heart and find Jesus’s presence in Ordinary Time. Written by Elizabeth Foss, each essay explores specific biblical themes and reflects on how to apply the grace of these truths to our everyday lives. All original and new content, the essays are focused on promoting biblical literacy and connection to scripture in women’s hearts in all seasons of life.

The weekly scripture study includes:

  • Intentionally chosen scripture chapters and verses (enough to ponder for the entire week)

  • A 500+ word reflection on the scripture cited and its relevance in a woman’s life today

  • An encouraging prompt to help you carry your daily lectio divina into the actio phase.

The Digital magazine Heart & Home | in your inbox in the middle of the month
The digital magazine connects members with the core team and contributors at Take Up & Read, providing an insight to the lives of the women behind-the-scenes. Reflective, informative, and full of curated resources, the e-magazine is more than a newsletter. It’s a comprehensive guide to finding the graces in liturgical living and the holiness of intentional moments during ordinary time.

The digital magazine content includes:

  • Daybook-style journaling by Elizabeth Foss, a conversational sharing of faith and family life that reflects found joy and everyday graces.

  • Curated resources to help you and your whole family live liturgically and faithfully through each month and season, including children’s book suggestions and ideas for a reading basket for women.

  • Recipes and inspiration for seasonal cooking

  • inspiring encouragement essays

Access to our exclusive Facebook Group with special Live! chats

Women who join our Facebook group exclusively for Take Up & Read members will find a place for kind conversation with fellow Take Up & Read members who have like-minded hearts. Here you can engage with other members who share your passion for Scripture, pray for each other and receive updates and reminders on content, and more, . Once a month join, contributing members of the Task Up & read team for a Facebook Live! chat on Scripture Study and liturgical living. These talks will be archived so you can view them any time.

Downloadable Tools of Encouragement
Members will receive printable tools intentionally designed exclusively for our Scripture Plans that will deepen Scripture Study and Liturgical life. Each month is unique and will offer a different variety of digital products.

Some examples of tools that may be included are:

  • weekly and monthly planners

  • gratitude + prayer intention lists

  • scripture memory cards

  • maps and charts

  • gift tags

  • scripture art prints

Full access to all previous membership content

  • Full Access to the archives of all previous membership content

    All members have full access to our archives of content and downloads. Whether you want to revisit a previous study or start a new one you missed, we give members access to all of the content and downloads they need to keep their scripture study strong.

    Full access includes:

  • Access to all previous membership content

  • Our full library of tools for members, including digital children’s books

  • As well as previews of upcoming studies and seasonal membership content