Get on the BANDwagon!


A curious thing happened when we were simultaneously writing reflections on a peaceful digital presence and putting the finishing touches on the membership package. We began to ask ourselves if Facebook was really the best home for conversation. And honestly, we just couldn’t say that it is. Micaela, our social media manager, went in search of alternatives.

And she found Band.

We think it’s a really good place to build community. Women who join our Band group exclusively for Take Up & Read members will find a place for kind conversation with like-minded hearts. Here you can engage with other women who share your passion for Scripture, pray for each other, receive updates and reminders on content, and more. We’re building a calendar to remind you of liturgical details and offer some simple celebration ideas. At least once a month, you can join contributing members of the Take Up & Read team for a live chat on Scripture Study and liturgical living. We think you’re going to like a cleaner interface and fewer distractions than what Facebook offers..

Here’s what you need to do: Go to Band and register for the private community. This works on your laptop or desktop, or you can download the BAND app, if you like.

And one more thing before you go: Please be sure to click here and sign up for emails. We promise to not to over-send, but we really do need a way to reach you with membership content.

That’s it for now! I hope to chat with you on BAND real soon!