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Welcome, friend! Thank you for being a member of Take Up & Read. We have gathered here to share with you our enthusiasm for God’s Word and to be encouraged by your insights as you read. We want to hear your hearts, share your burdens, celebrate your joys, and pray the Scripture with you. We invite you to grow and learn with us, as we ask the world to intentionally pause each day and allow God’s grace to overfill our hearts.

The Take Up & Read membership can be used in these ways:

1. Read + reflect on the weekly scripture with us, here or in your inbox, with Grace Notes!
Once a week, members will receive our “Grace Notes,” a scripture study and reflection to help you center your heart and find Jesus’s presence in Ordinary Time. Written by Elizabeth Foss, each essay explores specific biblical themes and reflects on how to apply the grace of these truths to our everyday lives. All original and new content, the essays are focused on promoting biblical literacy and connection to scripture in women’s hearts in all seasons of life.

Here’s what you need to do: Be sure that you have registered here for the RSS feed for the membership blog. That way, the post will appear in your inbox. If you don’t want that feed, you can check the member’s blog for new content.

2. Join the BAND community

We think it’s a really good place to build community. Women who join our Band group exclusively for Take Up & Read members will find a place for kind conversation with like-minded hearts. Here you can engage with other women who share your passion for Scripture, pray for each other, receive updates and reminders on content, and more. We’re building a calendar to remind you of liturgical details and offer some simple celebration ideas. At least once a month, you can join contributing members of the Take Up & Read team for a live chat on Scripture Study and liturgical living. We think you’re going to like a cleaner interface and fewer distractions than what Facebook offers..

Here’s what you need to do: Go to Band and register for the private community. This works on your laptop or desktop, or you can download the BAND app, if you like.

3. Read the digital magazine, Heart & Home
The digital magazine connects members with the core team and contributors at Take Up & Read, providing an insight to the lives of the women behind-the-scenes. Reflective, informative, and full of curated resources, the e-magazine is more than a newsletter. It’s a comprehensive guide to finding the graces in liturgical living and the holiness of intentional moments during ordinary time. Here is September’s magazine in case you missed it.

Here’s what you need to do: nothing! if you’ve signed up for the RSS feed, it will come to you. If you’re checking blog posts you’ll see it. So print it out, draw a hot bath, fix a cup of tea, and enjoy.

4. Download + use membership Tools of Encouragement

Members will receive printable tools intentionally designed exclusively for our Scripture Plans that will deepen Scripture Study and Liturgical life. Each month is unique and will offer a different variety of digital products.

Here’s what you need to do: You can access printable within the posts on the members’ blog.

5. Enjoy the archives and read through past discussions.

Members have access to all previously published materials. Sometimes, just exactly what you need for right now is the thing we studied a few months ago. All the Scripture references, essays, and valuable printable tools are readily available no matter when you want to access them.

Here’s what you need to do: Access the archives here at any time.

6. Pray for us.

Take Up & Read began two years ago as a small ministry. Our staff is even smaller today in order to conserve resources and focus on growth. We have so many great ideas for reaching out and connecting with Good News. Please pray for us. Pray that we will be faithful to the mission and that the Lord will increase our strength and our abilities as He wills.

Here’s what you need to do: Pray! And also, tell your friends about us. That’s the way we grow!

And join the conversation by introducing yourself anywhere in the comments! We are so blessed to have you here!