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Essential Holiness Study

God wants this glory in our lives. And we want it, too. The restlessness we feel when we get caught up in the hurry and the noise is the manifestation of being out of step with the whole reason we are on earth. Sometimes, it’s just little things, small decisions made over the course of the day. Other times, our life is seriously out of whack because we have set it upon a trajectory that is outside God’s will. Either way, focusing on what is essential—being holy—will bring us to a place of peace.


Peaceful Digital Presence Study

There is no question that social media is replete with opportunities to trouble our souls and to lead us away from a recollected life. Chief among the temptations is the one to compare your life on a bad day to the highlight reels of strangers on the Internet. How easily we fall into that trap! There’s no way to sugarcoat it: avoiding the pitfalls of social media requires discipline. It requires strength of virtue. It requires the full armor of God.


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